Saturday, July 4, 2009


The new sessions have been going great!

I am currently working on a single with the band Bobby Figueroa and Corazon Pacifico, and have started the new Christopher Burgan solo CD.

Bobby is a fantastic drummer and singer who's claim to fame came by way of a little surf band called The Beach Boys. He played with the band from the early 1970's until the original band broke up with the passing of Carl Wilson.

That is where I come in... We are doing a project geared toward the Latin market. The single will be "God Only Knows" and "Darlin'" sung in Spanish... With a Latin flair.

If that were not enough, the Christopher Burgan band is sounding great! We have reunited childhood band mates: drummer Brad Mann, bassist David Olivas, and myself, with percussionist / vocalist Shane Schupbach, and guitarist Akira Harrison.

Throw in a healthy dose of new We Five dates, and you have a fun... and busy summer.

Hopefully there is a little something there for everybody.

Play for you soon,

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