Saturday, February 28, 2015

Jackson / Charvel - My First Real Art Job

While surfing the web looking for an article on my friend and former co-worker Mike Shannon (legendary Jackson / Charvel guitars master builder), I ran across this image on a related Jackson / Charvel website. I had never seen it before.

I think it is the only time I've seen a picture of myself at the old San Dimas, California, shop. I vividly remember the day the photographer walked through the clear sanding room at the old facility. I was fresh out of high school working my first professional art job. Charlie Johnson was standing on the other side of the photographer doing the same thing I was.

It seems like a lifetime ago. The picture provided a great laugh for myself, Mike Shannon, Pat McGarry (another legendary Jackson / Charvel alumn), Jennifer, and my mother-in-law, Yvonne, as we all sat around the dinner table.

On a side note for anyone not in the know, I am improperly sanding this very expensive flame graphic star guitar. Notice that the sanding block is tipped up (which would create a divot in this high gloss finish instrument). Chalk it up to inexperience. I was 18 when this picture was taken.

In perspective, I caught a lucky break landing this full time graphic artist position right out of high school. My buddy, David Olivas, and I simply wanted to get summer woodshop jobs so that we could make ourselves a free guitar before starting off to college. It set the stage for a very filling lifetime in the arts (both as a guitar player and visual artist).

All the best,