Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fun With "Film"

It seems like every time you settle into the new, bigger, better deal something newer, bigger, and better sets another standard. As I mentioned in another recent blog, these days when I travel beyond an easy day's drive to play music I tend to run my guitar signal through an iPad for an "amp and effects." Why not, right? It is light, convenient, sounds great, and above all, is easy to use. Line6 has already done most of the heavy lifting so that I don't have to.

In that vein, this week I'd like to turn the attention to my wife, Jennifer. She is a fantastic photographer. Now when I say photographer, it's understood that she knows how to capture images in both film and digital formats (as any true shutter hound should). But lately, she has primarily been exploring digital formats. In fact, she often focuses her own blog on test shooting specific digital photography / camera apps for the iPhone.

For those of you not in the know, there are dozens of digital camera / film simulators that can be downloaded from the app store. Just like my guitar amps and effects, Jennifer has all but eliminated carrying thousands of dollars of cameras, lenses, and film. Instead, most of the time she uses her iPhone. It is loaded with a multitude of virtual camera gear that quickly captures her images with the specific kind of look she is going for.

It is pretty impressive. The above photos are from a recent We Five concert in the Seattle, Washington area. For the top left and right images she used a Tinto 1884 lens simulator, with D-Type Plate film. For the bottom left she used a Lucifer VI and Claunch 72 Monochrome film. In between taking pictures she was seamlessly sending texts to her sister... pretty amazing.

You can check out what she is doing at:

Viva Technology :)

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