Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter NAMM 2013

I took a trip back in the 'ol time machine this weekend. It was Winter NAMM 2013 in Anaheim California. Jenn and I spent several days reconnecting with friends, former colleagues, and some forgotten memories that had long been put away.

Among the highlights were a series of great visits with Jimmy and Robin Dunn, Grover Jackson, Jon Gold, Oz Fox and Annie Lobert, Irene Kelly and Tim Gaines, Dan and Kim Lawrence, Glenn Matejzel, Jeff Freeman, Willie Houston, Trevor Tripoli, Che Zuro, Rick Salazar, Tom and Rick Seymour, Gerad Clarkson, and Jimmy Seville.

An unexpected surprise came when Jimmy, Robin, Jenn and I received an invite to the private Gypsy Jazz John Jorgensen Quartet concert by Dick and Claudia Hardwick. The evening was hosted by Rick Shubb (San Francisco graphic design legend turned capo guru). Both John and Rick were extremely gracious hosts to our entrance into the pre and post show green room. Likewise, another memorable moment came when Jenn and I saw a nice acoustic set by the up and coming Los Angeles based band King Washington. All along the way, we had a pretty great time mingling among the musical talent and sales masses...

Anyway, the thing that continues to amaze me is just how powerful music is to our collective humanity. It moves me, and our society, in ways that I can not explain. Music provides the soundtrack to some of the most significant times in my life (both good and bad).

So if you will forgive me this indulgence, I am going to put in some Stryper, re-live a moment, and pretend I am 17 again. By the way, Tim and Oz... you guys are still my heroes. And, I am proud to call you friends.

All the best,

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a rocking good time! It's always a high point when you get to spend time with old friends who love the same things you do. The bonus is being surrounded by such artistic talent.